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Team leader/Scientist Flow Chemistry

Vacaturenummer: A2200052
Innosyn B.V. - Geleen (Nederland)

For our client, Innosyn B.V., we are looking for a Team leader/Scientist Flow Chemistry.


  • Ph.D.
  • Flow chemistry
  • Flow reactor setups
  • Team lead
  • Excellent communication

Within InnoSyn, low-cost and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are developed for customers that are active in a broad range of fields like pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, dyes, flavour and fragrances, monomers for high performance materials and products based on renewable raw materials. One of the key technologies that differentiates InnoSyn from its competitors is its extensive experience in continuous flow chemistry using 3D-printed reactor technology. Using this competence allows InnoSyn to apply extreme reaction conditions and/or hazardous reagents in a safe and scalable fashion to enable the ultimate industrial route for our customers. We are now looking for a team leader to give direction to the world class team of organic chemists and engineers in our flow group. The ideal candidate combines top notch science with excellent organisational and people management skills and will lead this cutting edge technology into the future.

Who we're looking for
We are looking for a Scientist with a Ph.D. degree and an engineering background in flow chemistry. You have at least 5 years of experience in the (chemical) industry. You have hands-on experimental experience in flow chemistry, enabling you to make the link between theoretical concepts and putting them into practice. Therefore, you have excellent experimental skills including design and assembly of flow reactor set-ups.
The ideal candidate also has the following experience and skills:
  • You keep yourself well informed of current developments in the field and have an eye to translate new technology in scalable industrial solutions;
  • A conscious safety attitude;
  • Motivated and eager to learn with a strong drive to succeed. You show persistence when facing adversity;
  • You are a team player with a natural ability to engage people and get the best out of them;
  • You realise that collaboration is essential to be successful, and you excel in organising a team including effective verbal and written communication;
  • Proven line management experience is an advantage.
In case you have less or no experience in management, it is an option to start as a scientist and see if you can grow into this role.

Company profile
InnoSyn offers a team of passionate & experienced problem solvers, applying innovative and cost-efficient technologies such as flow chemistry, bio- and chemocatalysis, to advance competitiveness of their customers across the (fine) chemical industries.

InnoSyn is an SME that primarily focusses on R&D towards the development of (bio)chemical production processes for third parties. InnoSyn currently has approximately 50 employees and is located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, The Netherlands. The company has a new pilot plant at its disposal. Although the company was only recently founded (May 2017), it has a long and impressive track record in the area of development and implementation of industrial manufacturing processes that was built up over more than 40 years during the time that InnoSyn was part of the large multinational company DSM.

Innovative Synthesis

Additional vacancy information
Contract:Temporary contract with CLS Services
Employment terms:See here our employment terms for this vacancy
Publication date:11-4-2022
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Contactperson:René Kemps
+31 (0)88 22 77 555

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